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Can You See the Music

The work created for Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra is a music-driven dynamic brand identity aiming to revive the visual appearance of the orchestra. Its creators have invented an alternative musical language, by which any melody can be visualized within the set of guidelines defined. The identity allows for each member of the orchestra to build their own personalized logo, related to their favorite piece of the repertoire. Moreover, due to a custom developed logo design application, even the audience could become an active part of the identity renewal process.

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The designers of sxdesign decide to use the collective memories of human languages to convey the brand opinion. The graphics in the corner is reminiscent of quotation marks and gives imaginary meaning to the rectangles in the logo. This design not only makes the logo symmetrical, but also implies a citation, markup, or modification of human language and thoughts. So, it tells that the brand creates and values language and idea of client and user, such as requirements, knowledge, or the attitude of sxdesign itself.

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Gung Ho

Gung Ho is an Americanism derived from Chinese and means "motivated, committed and working together in harmony". Over the years it took on different meanings, e.g. in World War 2 it was used by the Marines in the Pacific as a battle cry. In this story Gung Ho is a slang term for "hot" heated and overzealous, without regard of losses. The synergy of aesthetics and narration supports the tone of the scenario and the perspective on the events from the point of view of teenagers. The image captures the moment of menacing danger, youthful courage and pure released teenage adrenalin.

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Animal Deadee

There are many animal themed stamps in China, but this is the first time that stamps have been dedicated to rare animals endemic to Yunnan. The 2021 International Biodiversity Conservation Summit was held in Yunnan, China. This design intends to use this set of stamps to spread the Chinese government's concept of environmental protection, calling on the world to care for the earth's home.

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Bank of England

Designing for a central bank means finding a balance between technical and sensitive information, staff-led outputs, engaging general communications, and a series of regulations. This is not simple to achieve and it is based on delicate internal dynamics. The new identity has been developed together with the people who will use it, balancing all the aspects of the communications. It focuses on reaching a wider public with an accessible, relevant, structured, and distinctive approach. These key principles have been used as a design direction for all the visual assets.

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The Kanji shapes and strokes represent the initial state and infinite existence of the surroundings. Inspired by the brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy, the study of contextual ideas, the blend of styles, and cultural attention, the inclusive mentality of the spaces in between the shapes conferred by the strokes shows exquisite elegance and luxuriant cultural implications of Chinese calligraphy. Each poster is made out of a combination of the traditional Chinese element, bringing all the inspirations together and creating a unique, delicate Chinese style of impressionism.

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