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Dona Vitamina

The Dona Vitamina logotype is the representation of a timeless woman: a fun lady from the english Victorian era who allows herself total relaxation when drinking juice. She is owns her desires and her decisions, because "dona" is owner in portuguese. To enhance this characteristic of female empowerment in the brand, several other graphic representations of "dona" were created: girls and women of all ethnicities on communication materials, composed of illustrations, balloons with fun phrases and colors, showing a set of multiple feminine facets.

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Cloud Mountain Type

The Cloud Mountain Type inspired by Zhang Jiajie, the Chinese cloud-fog mountains and ancient Chinese landscape painting. Combined the traditional Chinese clouds landscape with western character. The Chinese saying: “ You cannot recognize the shape of a mountain when you stand on it.” When you stare at the details of the font, you even can’t recognize the letter itself, that is because you have already stand on the cloud-fog mountains.

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SP Saffron Grotesk

Saffron is an elegant contemporary neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface with strong stylistic geometric contrasts, drawing on the aesthetics and the typographic standards of Swiss modernism. The distinctive wide-open stance was designed to give the right visual consistency for branding and communications. This authentic and original typeface represents a shifting contemporary aesthetics. The specimen is divided into sections, with ring binder posters inside the pack.

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The rock art of the Holan Mountains is a cultural heritage of China and the world. It is gradually disappearing under ecological destruction. This designer plans to organise a digital art festival on the theme of Cross at Holan Mountain. They modernise the ancient rock paintings and express the theme through special materials so that this culture can be disseminated and applied in contemporary times, bringing into play the contemporary values of the ancient culture.

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Frank and the Frog

Frank and the Frog is a children's picture book designed to give an escape world to anybody who needs to find peace after losing a beloved one. The book tells the story of Frank, who one day wakes up and can't find his Granny anymore, so he decides to go on a journey and bring her home. The book's main intention is to tell a beautiful story and help understand such a complex topic.

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Type Specimen Alskar

Alskar sans is an elegant contemporary wide sans serif typeface with strong stylistic geometric authentic contrasts, drawing on the aesthetics and representing the shifting contemporary aesthetics. The type specimen was printed as a newspaper A2 (folded and sent as A4) and presents the typeface with a modern feel and experience.

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